Oliv Paris Sessions 2013

Oliv Paris Sessions 2013

SCHRAEP_052: Oliv is back!


  1. I Wanna Be There (Dave Angel Remix): Model 500 (I Wanna Be There (Remixes) – EP)
  2. You Know It’s True: Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi (The Way We Live (with The Marcy All-Stars))
  3. Ease Yourself (Original Mix): Da Funk (Ease Yourself)
  4. Hot Rabbits (Spiritchaser Remix): Giom (5050580585140)
  5. Forever Forever (Original Mix): Kurtz & Bomber (Work On Me EP)
  6. Easier to Hide: Maya Jane Coles (Easier to Hide – EP)
  7. I Never Sleep (Original Mix): Terry Grant (Rome Session (Compiled & Mixed by Aki Bergen))
  8. Bollowood Money (Smallpeople Remix): Viktor Marek, Ashraf Sharif Khan (Pudel Produkte 16)
  9. Do You Know (Soul Minority House Mix): Jamie Anderson, Owain K (Do You Know Remixes)
  10. All About Love Feat. Cathy Battistessa (Lovebirds Suite): Knee Deep (A Journey Into The Deep (compiled & Mixed By Phaze Dee))
  11. So You Know (Original Mix): Spieltape (Smooved (Deep & Electronic House Collection, Vol. 2))
  12. Salty Days (Original Mix): Smallpeople (Salty Days)
  13. Vibe (Soul Minority Remix): Mateo & Matos, Sammy Zone (Hypnotized Vibes)
  14. Soul life Connection (E Deep Remix) [feat. SolyMar]: Black Jazz Consortium (Earth Tones No.1 Compiled By Fred P.)
  15. Drunken Galleon (John Tejada Mix): Walls (Coracle Remixes)
  16. Drifting: Kitano (Drifting – Single)
  17. Golden Dawn (Original Mix): Henry Saiz, Cora Novoa (Golden Dawn)
  18. LAURA (Grafitti On Mars Remix): Bat For Lashes (Laura – Single)
  19. Maintain (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix): Fabio Giannelli (Maintain (The Remixes))
  20. It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix): The White Lamp (It’s You – Single)
  21. Canarie (Original Mix): Emmanuel (The Man With No Shadow (Album))
  22. Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix): Brawther (Do It Yourself – Single)
  23. Some Things Are Left To Say (Original Mix): Evren Furtuna (Plastic City Radio Show Season Five)
  24. Morgana: Life and Death (Hed Kandi – Deep House)
  25. Vibin: Knee Deep (Supperclub Seduction)
  26. Found Out: Noir & Richard Davis (Found Out – Single)
  27. Delight (Original Mix): Christian Burkhardt (Offenbach)
  28. I Am Loved: Walter Jones (If This Is House I Want My Money Back)
  29. Sirens (Matthias Meyer & Patlac Remix): Motorcitysoul (Sirens EP)
  30. Le Kiff (Original Mix): Remi Mazet (Le Kiff – EP)
  31. I Knew This Would Happen (feat. PillowTalk): Deniz Kurtel & Tanner Ross (The Way We Live (with The Marcy All-Stars))


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