What is Mixwolke?

Mixwolke is the online successor of schraep.net, a music blog started in 2005 by DJ schraep out of a love for music. Since then, several friends have joined the team, providing even more quality music: Hubertus Stephan aka HoopC, Olivier Figuet aka Oliv, Marc Straub and many more.

What for is Mixwolke?

This site’s aim is relatively straightforward: to provide music fans with carefully selected and mixed music, in various different music styles for some much needed listening pleasure. This site serves also to showcase the talents of our DJ crew, allowing to download demo tapes.

How do I listen to music?

To find the MP3 mixes, just choose a music style via the menu and either click in the play button or download.

I’d like to give feedback?

Comments and feedback are very welcome, so do not hesitate to drop a line on the corresponding comment form in the bottom of a page, on our guestbook or via our contact page.


The name Mixwolke has been inspired by a popular and major music streaming service on the web. In no ways is Mixwolke affiliated or related to the mentioned company. Mixwolke is only a small and modest website dedicated for music loving friends and visitors. And please know: This website is strictly non-commercial. All music featured on this website is copyrighted by their respective authors and deserves proper support: IF YOU LIKE THIS MUSIC, PLEASE BUY IT AND SUPPORT THE ARTISTS!

Something is still bugging you? Then please drop us a line on the contact form.